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How 'Boat-Shoes' arrived on the Scene in 1930s?
Why does PU soles sometimes crack on its own?
What are half sizes?
How we made new generations of Jungle Boots for Army
Origins of Brogues go back to the Irish farmers!
How to identify Pig Leather?
Do we have categories in Loafers?
What is a driving shoe?
Fundamental difference between Sports Shoes and Leather Shoes
What is the difference between PU [faux-leather] and pure leather
Life of a wallet also depends on the interlining material used in the wallet making
What is a multifunction watch?
What makes a wallet - 'a good wallet'?
What goes in making a 'world class belt'?
What makes a watch - 'a good watch'?
How to take care of a wet leather product?
What are the various grades of metal used in a watch chain?
What is a true moccasin construction ?
The story of how desert boots arrived on the scene during World War 2
Things that make a watch water-proof
Why are some formal shoes more comfortable than others?
What are the different kinds of Brogues?
What is a classic stitch-down construction?


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