We are excited about working with Students and infact look forward to hiring for full time positions from interns. There are exciting Internship opportunities all the time.


Are internships paid for?

Yes, all internships are paid for

Ideal Candidate

  • We prefer to work with people who very passionate about products – understand nuances on whys and hows of it
  • We have a preference for people from top college which is not as binding as the requirement of having a perspective of adding significant value to things that they do. It’s a mixture of perspective, attitude, aptitude.

Current Open Internship Positions

Optimizing Ecommerce Backend

  • The role involves being involved with all aspects of multi-channel Ecommerce backend – which includes inventory upkeep, handling order management, handling people involved in various processes and figuring out ways of making things more efficient
  • The role also involves interacting with customers – who may need help with our products or listening to their feedback
  • The role also involves understanding nuances of TZARO products – what makes a shoe really good or what goes in making an awesome watc

TZARO War Room Internship Candidate Profile

  • Needs to excel in multi-tasking and needs to have high aptitude – as the number of variables in each process is going to be very high
  • The person will need to be good with excel, google doc and general communication
  • The person will also need to be open about interactions with warehouse team which is more in hindi and languages that they are comfortable with
  • The communication will also be with our channel partners where you will get a spectrum of organizations – from small enterprise to some of the worlds best
  • The person will also get a flavor of various systems which run Ecommerce engine, inventory management systems,

If you are looking to explore the possibilities then do mail us the application to [email protected]

Building the Social Media Layers

  • TZARO as a brand is going to be building Social Media Layers at all levels and is looking for someone to drive this project
  • The role involves interacting with marketing & brand layers to extend the DNA to Social media
  • The role involves designing giveaways and building influencer programs

TZARO Social Media Warrior Intern Profile

  • Someone from NIFT or someone from advertising schools who enjoys Social Media and also understands elements of branding
  • Someone who enjoys guerilla marketing techniques
  • The person will need to be good in creating marketing collateral on photoshop though he/she will be assisted by the design team
  • This is a longer project where you need to be available for 6 months for the project

If you are looking to explore the possibilities then do mail us the application to [email protected]


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