Tough yet Elegant Open Footwear

Ocata, SLPGV1908MRN TZARO Genuine Leather Slipper

`1699 `1986 (14% off)

Vagator 1902, SLPGVWV1902TNB TZARO Tan &Black Genuine Leather Slipper

`1949 `1986 (2% off)

Cloud, SLP9501TAN TZARO Genuine Leather Tan Color Slipper

`1749 `1799 (3% off)

Cloud, SLP9503WHT TZARO Genuine Leather White Slippers

`1749 `1799 (3% off)

Cloud, SLP9502DTN TZARO Genuine Leather Tan Slippers

`1749 `1799 (3% off)

Travolta, SLPCLD198V2 TZARO Genuine Leather Brown Slippers

`1749 `1799 (3% off)

open footwear
Cloud, SLPCLD191V2 TZARO Genuine Leather Tan Slippers

`1749 `1799 (3% off)

Ideal summer pairs when you need extra air in your feet. Leather gives it a formal touch while the combination of webbing with leather makes it somewhat younger in design. Padded with latex these are very comfortable to wear and to top it all these will last over the years.

Open Slippers


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