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We are at war to design and manufacture long lasting, comfortable, classy products for Men.

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We are at war to design and manufacture long lasting, comfortable, classy products for Men. Be it belts, wallets, watches, bags or our shoes – everything that we do is handpicked and hard fought. It's an endless war to make it best in class; to deliver you a delight and to do it right.

TZARO was born as a design solution for all those looking for genuine product with an informal design touch. You will never find us too formal. It's a design language for sorted tastes, men who know what they want. Men who love genuine product and who value integrity of every purchase.

At heart all our products have world class architecture with streak of honesty all over.For us its passionate journey to keep learning, improving and engineering for the next level of experience.

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What is World Class Architecture?

Our shoes will exactly fit; breathe to keep your feet cool even at 42degree Celsius temperature and will last even after you would have got bored using it. It's not amateur job to do all of it together – to do this one needs to understand leather, muscle movement across various kind of usage, understand shape of feet to design the right last which will translate into the right fit, and then understand design gap and overlay it with design DNA to develop the right design.For shoes, this is what our version world class architecture is.

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What is Streak of honesty?

If it looks leather, then it will be genuine leather and never be Faux Leather; if its metal in our watches then it will be stainless steel and not any kind of alloy, if its watch movement then it will be the best Japanese movement. It's about countless choices that we make even when we could get away with a lot of things just because most customers do not know the difference.

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You must want to make a good Product

Leather is a mystery ingredient (for example) in the sense that there are very few people in leather domain; who can say things in definite sense.

The leather tanning process starts from wet-blue stage (which is raw hide where moisture has been removed) and ends up in finished leathers in a long process (over a few weeks, in some cases a few months). It's only when the leather is ready can people be surer on how it is for any product.

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It doesn't happen by an accident. A lot of good looking leather products won't be good products, over time. And this true of every product. It's possible to make a watch in alloy and offer products cheap to customers but the watch will not last even six months.

The same is true of watches and even non-leather bags.


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