Best Practices of Belt Making

We love making good leather shoes. Our shoes are designed with highly functional design perspective and are backed with some of the purest ingredients. Our handmade shoes usually follow classic shoe making techniques. The shoes are designed to deliver superb comfort and are designed to last well over years of intensive usage.

We are proud partners of Armed Forces and make a lot of specialized shoes for them which are extremely complicated functional projects that challenges us at a different level.

We also have a line of leather-based accessories [belts, wallets, bags] all of which is done inhouse and follows the same intensive functional approach.



Comfort of a shoe comes from a lot of things – its ability to breathe [transfer sweat from inside to the surface], fit of the shoe, weight of the shoe, flexibility of the sole & the shoe, shoe-cushioning, grip of the sole on the surface. In other words, lot of technical things matter to a shoe comfort. So, a functional perspective focuses more on such dimensions than focusing as much on shoe looking good. All our shoes go through multiple rounds of fine-tuning to deliver a comfortable long-lasting shoe. For us looks of a shoe is almost secondary focus, comfort is primary.

We enjoy conversations with Army where the mandate is that ‘I want to run with 30 KG load and I want the boots to behave like a sneaker and to deliver a grip even on wet rocks’. That’s the mandate of functional shoe design project.



Everything that we do is inhouse – we do not outsource to third party factories. This means we never lose first hand perspective. We control each of our ingredients and are constantly learning and evolving. If you will try the same shoe a few years down the line – you will find significant overall improvement. Incorporating customers feedback is part of our processes.

Since everything is inhouse – we have in-depth knowledge of what we do – you will find a lot of distinct elements in our shoes. We take pride in intensity of our processes.

Given that most of what we do is inhouse we also deliver customized-personalized products. You can always reach out to us for fit alterations as well as with request for a very different color of a TZARO shoe that you really like. We will be happy to help.



Leather is an incredible ingredient as it has amazing ability to breathe. Artificial materials like PU can never match to leather in terms of its breathability or its life.

All leathers that we use are from tanneries which source hides as a byproduct of meat industry. We never use leathers where an animal is killed because of leather – you will never see a Croc leather shoe in our offerings. We work closely with the tanneries to ensure that its processed in the right manner and to keep it as natural as possible [which is when it performs the best]. We strive hard, to work with backends which are environmentally conscious and also who follow social security norms for its workers. We love veg-tanned leathers, oil-pullups and NDMs.

You will find our leather ages well and lasts incredibly long which is reflection of the kinds of leathers that we use.



We love functional projects. Questions like ‘why formal shoes can’t deliver the same comfort as a good sneaker’ excites us. Army gives us very sharply defined problems to solve – a sports shoes which can handle their kind of usage and still be delivered for less than 700 Rs and delivers athletic performance are the project headline with them. Once we solve the technicalities and functionalities – they usually do not ask us to make it better looking. It’s the functional focus with rigor that they need which we connect to. We enjoy making boots which can withstand impact of landmine blast. We are looking at making shoes for traffic police who stand for long hours under the sun – the kind of shoe that they need is different than normal office goers need. We are looking at various specialized clusters which have not been solved with functional perspective, yet.


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