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Slippers for sweaty feets
Olive Hector, RON4110NUOLV TZARO Genuine Leather Olive Green Slipper

` 2184`2299 (5% OFF)

Blue Hector TZARO Genuine Leather Navy Blue Slipper

` 2184`2299 (5% OFF)

OPU Hector TZARO Genuine Leather Textured Brown Mule

` 2249`2299 (2% OFF)

HB Terek TZARO Super Flexible Light Weight Tan White Color Genuine Leather Sandal

` 1899`1999 (5% OFF)

RON422WHT TZARO Pure Leather White Sandal with Rubber Sole

` 2324`2499 (7% OFF)

"Been 39 months and its still holding good, truly built to last" - Ajay R

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Hector TZcrn, RONNY4105TAN TZARO Pure Leather Tan Color Slipper

` 2249`2299 (2% OFF)

Hector LED, RON413WHT TZARO Genuine Leather White Slipper

` 2249`2299 (2% OFF)

RONNY4106DKCHC TZARO Dark Chocolate Pure Leather Slipper

` 1799`2299 (22% OFF)

Hector Dtan TZARO Genuine Leather Dark Tan Mule

` 2249`2299 (2% OFF)

Transformer, DMRONBLK25 Pure Leather Black Sandal, with Driving Shoe Sole

` 2449`2499 (2% OFF)

Hector Army Brown, RON420CMBRW TZARO Genuine Leather Brown Color Mule

` 1799`2349 (23% OFF)

Hector Army Tan TZARO Men's Genuine Leather Tan Color Mule

` 2249`2299 (2% OFF)

Transformer, DMRONTAN23 TZARO Genuine Leather Light Tan Sandal

` 2499

Transformer, DMRONOLV27 TZARO Genuine Leather Olive Green Sandal

` 2449`2499 (2% OFF)

Transformer, DMRONBRW24 TZARO Genuine Leather Brown Sandal

` 2499

Glator (Tan) TZARO Super Light Genuine Leather Sandals

` 1949`1999 (3% OFF)

Kenya TZARO Pure Leather Tan Colored Sandal with Powerful Grip

` 2265`2386 (5% OFF)

Transformer Blue, DMRONBLU26 TZARO Genuine Leather Nubuck Blue Sandal

` 2499

Hector OPU, RON4108DRBLK TZARO Genuine Leather Black Slipper

` 1799`2299 (22% OFF)

Humming Bird TZARO Super Flexible Light Weight Genuine Leather Tan Sandal

` 1899`1999 (5% OFF)

Premium Genuine Leather

  • Genuine leather upper & interior
  • True-moccasin construction
  • Twin color rubber out-sole
  • Latex padded socks for long lasting cushioning
  • Keeps your feet cool even at 40 degrees of heat

Unique Air Flow Pure Leather Sandals

The issue with most of open footwear is that

  • either they are heavy and they keep slipping out of the feet
  • or they are not well cushioned
  • or they are not made of comfortable genuine leather
  • or they do not have tough construction and they do not last

This is what we attempted to solve in this series. All of these are made of premium genuine leather which have made in a manner that they will last over the years; we have worked hard to make these comfortable. A summary of what we did is as below:

This is a very innovative design and is quite a technical construction. Though it looks like a Sandal or Mule but it has a Moc-toe construction [in simpler words this is an envelope shaped upper, the leather swings below your feet as well]. The advantage of Moc-Toe construction is that it allows extra flexibility when you walk. The upper has been stitched into the sole [technical word is channeling]. The window slit design allows the extra air flow. The heel portion has an 8 MM Latex footbed which feels like the most comfortable mattress, this cushion has a life of over 5 years of daily usage. The lining on this is sweat friendly genuine leather lining. That makes it even more comfortable. And then it comes in so many interesting colors!

This happened after we developed Ronny. A customer who uses TZARO extensively came back with an interesting feedback. He drove for 700 odd Kms in Ronny and said that these are not very comfortable to drive in [otherwise he loved these]. So, we created a variant of the first creation where we stitched the upper into a sole which had driving shoe functionality [the sole curves backwards to allow for angular driving position]. We used a PU sole and stitch down construction in this. The PU sole makes this extremely light [650 grams a pair]. The stitch down construction adds to its life. The sandal part of the back ensures that come what may these do not jump out of your feet. In a lot of ways this is as much of a mid-point between shoe and sandal. The air windows make it even more comfortable. This is the only Sandal with driving shoe functionality in the market.

This is a new sole series with stunning flexibility. You can take these and make a circle out of it. And to top it all – these are super light. These pairs are less than 450 grams – have been padded with latex. The foot-bed is made of genuine leather which adds to its life. The next versions do not have these perforated leathers at the bottom as these get dirtier as per feedback from our customers. Lot more interesting developments in Humming Bird Series are happening as we speak.

All of these are tough in construction – they will last till you get bored of them; these are extremely comfortable – we have worked hard in making these light and flexible. The foot-bed cushion has got extensive long-lasting layers of cushion to make it fun to wear. Lastly, we have done very interesting colors in these – colors that have never been seen in open footwear!


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