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Black Blue Thin Leather Wallet Online for Men Online
IQZPMADWL054 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQZPMADWL054


Black Colour bifold leather Wallet online
IQPRSLTHR008 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQPRSLTHR008


Tan Colour Leather Wallet for Men Online
IQPRSLTHR001 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQPRSLTHR001


Black Burgundy Leather Wallet Online for Men Online
IQZPMADWL056 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQZPMADWL056


Trifold Tan Black Genuine Leather Wallet for Men's Online
IQPRSLTHR032 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQPRSLTHR032


Black Color Genuine Leather Wallet for Men's Online
IQZPRGRAZ052 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQZPRGRAZ052


Stunning Blue Men's Wallet Online
IQPRSLTHR017 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQPRSLTHR017


Black & Purple Colour  Leather Men's Wallet Online
IQPRSLTHR002 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQPRSLTHR002


Brown Bifold Genuine Leather Wallet for Men's Online
IQPRSLTHR037 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQPRSLTHR037


Black & Tan Color Bifold Men's Leather Wallet Online
IQZPRSW050 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQZPRSW050


Beige Color Men's leather Wallet Online
IQPRSLTHR005 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQPRSLTHR005


Bifold Classic Black Color Leather Wallet for Men's Online
IQPRSLTHR030 TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQPRSLTHR030


What goes in making a good wallet?

A good wallet depends on ingredients (1), making (2) and the design (3) Ingredients

A good Shoe:
Vegetable Tanned Leather are one of the best for wallets, followed by NDM leathers. Primarily leathers which are closer to their natural state work better in wallets. A wallet leather goes through daily usage as people do not use multiple wallets at the same time [people use different shoes on different days but wallets typically remain the same]. Hence leather and the way the wallets are made becomes a deciding factor.

Leathers for wallets are usually made thinner by a process called skiving. Thicker leathers are not flexible at the center and are also difficult to stitch. Leather is cut in various panels, skived and layered with interlining materials before stitching. The interlining materials give the wallets extra strength over the years, the interlining material is a grade of artificial fabric – buckram which is also used in shirt collars. For extra strength each of the edges [like the card slot pocket edge] are folded and sealed with heat and pressure.
No, it will depend on what’s the lining of a leather shoe, because the sweat needs to travel from inside to outside; so the lining or the inside of the shoe is the first point of contact. Only naked drum dyed leather absorbs moisture, sweat almost instantaneously. So, if leather upper has some vague artificial fabric [on the inside] it will not breathe or the lining is a genuine leather but is pigmented [or covered with layer of color] then it will not breathe. 100% cotton can absorb moisture well but since it gets crushed easily – a lot of shoe makers use Polyester which doesn’t breathe.

TZARO Wallets
Each TZARO wallet is made with handpicked genuine leathers, we use a process of splitting leathers to get them to uniform thickness across all panels. The panels are backed with strong interlining material. The leathers are drum dyed and also are Reach complaint. The stitching is done with pattern stitching machine which ensures that stitch per inch is consistent across all the wallet including the edges We use cotton, poly-twill as well as leather to create the inside compartments. The compartment edges are leather lined in our case which adds to its strength. All TZARO wallets have corrosion free titch buttons which we use in the coin pockets.

We prefer slightly casual design language in our wallets. Typically, we avoid doing all black, all brown kind of wallets, you will find a conservative approach to using a stronger color, we use colors on the inside panels or small blocks in the front side of the wallets. Though we do at times make wallets which have strong colors everywhere - IQZPRSW048, IQZPRSW049 are typical examples. We also combine canvas with leathers to create an interesting layer of elements. We really like TAN, Blue colors in our wallets and you will find a lot of our wallets in these colors.

We practically have the largest number of color options in India and you will rarely not find a color in our wallets collections.

A typical TZARO wallet lasts over 3 years even if used daily. Take extra care on using the coin pocket – extra bits in it can alter the shape of the wallet leathers. Though it will hold good over the years but it does start looking weird. Other than that, TZRAO wallets will hold you good!

Technical Dimensions
Wallets need a particular grade of leather [its usually lot thinner than what’s needed for say shoes]. But the leather should be as natural as possible as it usually gives it a longer life and greater touch feel to it.
A typical TZARO wallet will last longer than you get bored of it; usually longer than 3 Years even if you use them daily!


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