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TZARO Textured Dial Multifunction Watch - Anchor Steel, ZMTDS3JGRY
Anchor Steel, ZMTDS3JGRY TZARO Textured Dial Multifunction Watch


TZARO Skeletal Design Multifunction Watch – SKETCH, TZSKLE4487IPS
TZSKLE4487IPS TZARO Skeletal Design Multifunction Watch – SKETCH, TZSKLE4487IPS


Tan Color Leather Strap Multi Function Wrist Watch Online
function watch – FARNCIS, ZDPCRTT6HBLU TZARO Rose Gold Multi


Black Chain Multi Function Wrist Watch for Men Online
ZMARMV3BLK TZARO Stainless Steel Multifunction Watch: KAZA, ZMARMV3BLK


Tan Leather Strap Multi-function Analog Watch for Men Online
tZMul10Z45TAN TZARO High Performance Multifunction: tZMul10Z45TAN


Out Of Stock
Buy Black Chain Multifunction High Performance Analog Watch Online
TZ2412DBLBK TZARO High Performance Multifunction: TZ2412DBLBK


Out Of Stock
Buy Tan Color Strap Multifunction Analog Watch for Men Online
ZDPCRTT6HBLK TZARO High Performance Multifunction: ZDPCRTT6HBLK


Out Of Stock
Blue Stainless Steel Silver Chain Chronograph Watch Online
ZCHRTTBLCK TZARO High Performance Chronograph: ZCHRTTBLCK


Out Of Stock
Tan Strap Multifunction Watch for Men Online
Z4487V9BLU TZARO Skeletal Ring TAN Strap Multifunction Watch: Callisto, Z4487V9BLU


Out Of Stock
TZARO 3D Intricate Texture Tan Color Multifunction Watch: Anchor, ZGL9007RGBL
ZGL9007RGBL TZARO 3D Intricate Texture Tan Color Multifunction Watch: Anchor, ZGL9007RGBL


Pure Leather White Sneakers

for those who love the classic white touch



Design to Deliver Amazing comfort even in war zones



Design to stand test of time


What Goes in Making A World Class Watch?

A great watch means following:
• Long lasting watch case [round part where the machine and dial sit] – ideally it should be made of stainless steel or a good quality Brass

• World Class Movement – The machine is the heart of the watch. Depending on how good your movement is – it can work well over few years and also continue to work well over few decades. Swiss movements, or Japanese Movement are usually the baseline.

• The dial design – depending on complexity of design –production cost [of a dial] can be Rs 50 and go upto 700 Rs per dial. Look of the watch a lot depends on the dial design.

• Glass – a sapphire coated glass will not get scratched and will survive flawlessly over the years. A cheaper glass will break into pieces in a meter of a fall.

• The chain – it should be made of high grade of stainless steel, which gives you great protection against corrosion as well as has a great life.

• Plating: ION plating is a vacuum plating process which has significantly longer life. Plating is a process of depositing different metals on the metal surface of a watch. This is how stainless-steel watch case gets gold or rose-gold color.

• Watch strap – a well finished leather strap is fundamental to a good watch. The leather strap needs to be leather on top as well as bottom and needs to come with layers of interlining materials which is what will translate into a great life for the strap. It should be well finished with even stitch lines and smooth edges.

• Water proofing make – a watch needs to be ideally water proof but water resistance is hygiene criteria. This is somewhat complicated and output of precision in designing and manufacturing process.

• Stainless Steel Crown & Back-cover: Human sweat is acidic and causes corrosion in metal. Whatever touches your skin should ideally be steel for both protection and long life to the watch.

So, a great watch should meet all the above criteria’s. Whenever you are buying a watch – check for these details to buy the right watch. Online reviews can help you some of the declared product details as well. But with watch; have a fewer pieces but ideally have the more known brands because they would adhere to what would be standard process on all these dimensions.


Our standard deliveries are restricted to the PIN Codes that we service. For shipments to Pin Code that we are not covering, you can write to us at [email protected], we handle such shipments in a different manner. This also applies to International Deliveries which are handled by an offline process, extra delivery charges apply to international deliveries which are non-returnable. By default, all deliveries are in Express Mode.


All orders of 500 or more have COD option, if we service your Pin Codes then we offer COD option for your order. We may selectively decline large orders on COD. The refunds of a COD order are done via NEFT and we will need your bank details. The refund via NEFT takes upto 7 working days. Pre-paid orders are refunded via Gateway.


You can Return or Exchange a delivered product but this needs to be initiated within 3 days of delivery. The returned product needs to be in the delivered condition, it should have original tags and labels. Our logistics partners will come and pick the product. Do remember that only one exchange per order is complimentary. You can initiate return or exchange from ‘My Orders Tab’ of your account. Refunds are initiated post return package reaches back to the warehouse.


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