TZARO Genuine Leather Boat Shoes - Float Tan, SLBOAT116TAN

TZARO Genuine Leather Boat Shoes - Float Tan, SLBOAT116TAN


Boat Shoes arrived way back in 1932; when Paul Sperry created a new kind of shoe which had this ability to give extra grip on the slippery surface ... Read more

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Boat Shoes arrived way back in 1932; when Paul Sperry created a new kind of shoe which had this ability to give extra grip on the slippery surface of the ships. The herringbone pattern on the rubber sole proved to be extra useful. The shoe was made with moc-toe technique which gave it extra comfortable as it had the ability to expand and contract with every step. The larger shoe opening made it convenient to get in and out as well. TZARO has worked on a new generation of Boat shoes, Float series takes all the classical dimensions of the boat shoe but it comes with a super light sole which also has anti-skid make. The grip of this sole is even stronger than the original boat shoe. Float series weighs 570 odd grams a pair which is lighter than an-usual wrist watch. This new generation is ideal for long walks, long hours of usage, even in office. Though it comes in derby version which was popularized by Timberland but the laces need to be adjusted only first few times after which this shoe is perfectly a slip-on shoe. Made with premium leather; a leather family called ‘crunch’ which has amazing ability to age distinctly over the years, just like a pair of denims. These shoes will expand to take the shape of your feet. The vibrant ‘Tan’ shoe with white sole also gives it a distinct young feel to it though it is formal enough to be taken to office on Fridays. The PU cushion is a world class one which will last over the years and will also reduce the stress on your knees significantly. These are must haves in your portfolio and for those who love Boat Shoes, you cannot miss on these.

3 Months warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty covers stitch & sole strength. The warranty does not cover wear and tear of leather or sole due to rough usage.

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Leather Boat Shoe


Genuine Leather




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Boat Shoes


Genuine Leather

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Crunch, Nunuck, Genuine Leather

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Non Lined Shoe

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Genuine Leather



What is a Boat Shoe?

Boat Shoe is particular kind of moccasin which has wider opening giving it an open shoe feel to it. This is usually made with softer and thicker leather and is usually unlined. The shoes are made with True-Moccasin construction technique.

What is True-Moccasin construction Technique?

True Moccasin construction refers to a technique where the leather swings like an envelope all around the feet. Boat shoes have a snug fit or they fit like socks which means that the leather needs to expand when you walk (the muscles expand when the pressure is on the big toe area). Only true moccasin construction allows for this expansion. This technique consumes 40% more leather but the comfort is unmatchable.

Fashion Tip

Wear these shoes without socks and if you have to wear them with socks then use half socks which are not visible from outside.

What is TPR material?

Thermoplastic Rubber is a special grade material which has qualities of both rubber (in terms of abrasion flexibility) and long life of Special Grade Plastic like PU or EVA. Soles made of this material have a longer life in both cold hot climates.

What's the difference between Faux Leather Shoes and Genuine Leather Shoes?

Faux Leather shoes do not breathe and feet will become hot from inside. Well-made genuine leather shoes (with genuine leather lining) will keep your feet cool even after 10 hours of usage in 40 degree Celsius zones. Genuine leather has 50 times longer life than Faux Leather Shoes.

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