TZARO SuperLight Genuine Leather Brogues - Gimlet, Olive

TZARO SuperLight Genuine Leather Brogues - Gimlet, Olive


Brogues are essential in Men’s fashion today. These are versatile shoes – perfect for formal occasions like office and if paired well t... Read more

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Brogues are essential in Men’s fashion today. These are versatile shoes – perfect for formal occasions like office and if paired well then, they are good even for casual party evenings. From contemporary fashion perspective – brogue is a shoe which has perforated patterns. So, depending on what kind of shoe we are talking about – brogues can be oxford, derby, half, quarter, ghillie, monk and so on. Though Brogues are considered fashionable today but it all started in Ireland where farmers working in potato fields punched holes in the shoe uppers to let the water drain out to accelerate the shoe drying. Over a period of time – they got more creative in punching these holes and patterns emerged. And this is how brogues which are must haves even for army folks started. TZARO brogues are a special class of shoes. There are three distinct elements of this shoe – (1) these shoes are very light, one of the lightest in the industry; (2) these have been made with handpicked genuine leather with genuine leather lining (3) these shoes have been designed to keep your feet dry – they can ventilate sweat very efficiently (4) these have long lasting thick cushioning to reduce the stress on the feet (5) the soles are designed to give you a grip even on most polished surface. Gimlet borrows elements from sneaker which is why the sole has wavy contours on the sides. This is super light construction – weighing just 640 grams a pair, this one is latest addition to G Series. It comes in both Tan as well as Black Colors. This is a high-performance shoe that you will love to wear which are also great to look at.

3 Months warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty covers stitch & sole strength. The warranty does not cover wear and tear of leather or sole due to rough usage.

Shoes Type



Genuine Leather


Genuine Leather


Standard Fit

Construction Technique


Shoe Color

Olive Green

Sole Color




Shoe Upper

Nubuck, Genuine Leather

Shoe Lining Leather

Sheep Leather, Genuine Leather

Sole Material

Rubberized EVA


Genuine Leather



About Construction Approach

These have been made with stuck-on technique. In simpler words the upper has been pasted to the sole.

What’s the padding?

These have been padded with a two layers of Latex which has a long life.

What is special about leather?

These are premium leathers which gives it extra life and makes it skin friendly.

What’s the difference between Faux Leather Shoes and Genuine Leather Shoes?

Faux Leather shoes do not breathe and feet will become hot from inside. Well-made genuine leather shoes (with genuine leather lining) will keep your feet cool even after 10 hours of usage in 40 degree Celsius zones. Genuine leather has 50 times longer life than Faux Leather Shoes.

What's special about the SOLE?

The Sole is made rubberized EVA which makes it lighter, more flexible as well as gives it extra grip on all sorts of surface.

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