TZARO Genuine Leather Olive Green Sandal - Transformer, DMRONOLV27

TZARO Genuine Leather Olive Green Sandal - Transformer, DMRONOLV27

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This development happened after we developed Ronny series. A customer who uses T... Read more

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This development happened after we developed Ronny series. A customer who uses TZARO extensively came back with an interesting feedback. He drove for 700 odd Kms in Ronny and said that these are not very comfortable to drive in [otherwise he loved these]. So, we created a variant of Ronny where we stitched the upper into a sole which had driving shoe functionality [the sole curves backwards to allow for angular driving position]. We used a PU sole and stitch down construction in this. The PU sole makes this extremely light [650 grams a pair]. The stitch down construction adds to its life. The sandal part of the back ensures that come what may these do not jump out of your feet making driving very comfortable in these. In a lot of ways this is as much of a mid-point between shoe and sandal. The air windows make it even more comfortable. This is the only Sandal with driving shoe functionality in India. Also this goes brilliantly well with all the ethnic wear which makes it very interesting addition to your collection. The Olive Green nubuck color is rarely seen in leather Sandal. This is stunner and super comfortable!

3 Months warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty covers stitch & sole strength. The warranty does not cover wear and tear of leather or sole due to rough usage.

Sandal Type

Leather Sandal


Genuine Leather


Standard Fit

Construction Technique


Sandal Color

Olive Green

Sole Color




This genuine leather Sandal is a very special one. The Sandal is designed to deliver exceptional comfort even with extended hours of usage. Transformer as it’s called is the only sandal which comes with driving shoe sole – most sandals do not work well for driving cars but this one is designed to help you enjoy your drives.

This sandal was designed on the feedback of one of existing TZARO customers who loves Hector series and his question was “why does hector not come in a version which allows him to use while driving”. This is how this series was designed.

Its unique features include:

  • Airflow design which is complemented with sweat friendly genuine leather lining which gives it powerful ventilation – you will not feel the sweat in these
  • The upper is stitched to the sole which adds to its life and flexibility
  • The sandal is superlight in its make and weighs less than 650 grams a pair
  • The layers of cushion are designed to reduce stress on your knees and ankle and will deliver exceptional comfort even over extended hours of usage
  • This sandal goes well even with denims as well as kurtas and can handle bikes as well as cars, this is as versatile as it can be which is why it’s called TRANSFORMER

Air-Flow Design

The unique air-flow design along with sweat friendly genuine leather lining along with the way it’s made gives it powerful ventilation. You will not feel sweat in these even in humid conditions. Your feet will never smell.

Stitched the Sole

The upper is stitched to the sole. It’s a classical technique called 'Stitch Down Technique' - this stitching is done manually and each stitch is actually locked. It adds to its flexibility as well as to its life.

Ideal for Driving Cars Too

The super-light PU sole comes with a driving shoe sole, you can comfortably drive in these Transformers. Most sandals are not comfortable to drive cars with but this one not only has a driving shoe sole but the upper is shaped like a shoe which gives it a good grip [it doesn't jump out of the feet in angular position].

Cushioned Foot-bed For Lower Stress on Your Knees

Multiple layers of cushion in the foot-bed are designed to reduce stress on your knees and ankles. You can comfortably use them even for long walks. The cushion layers include layers of PU & latex which will work well even over 4-5 years of regular usage.

Sandal Upper

Nubuck, Genuine Leather

Footbed Leather

Drum dyed, Genuine Leather

Sole Material



Genuine Leather


Memory-Foam, Latex & EVA

What is stitch down construction technique?

The sandal upper flares out; which is stitched into the sole. This makes the shoe last very long. Besides this is done to PU sole which is light weight and flexible. It is a classical sandal making technique but its very time-consuming process.

What is the padding?

These have been padded with a two layers of Latex and layer of memory-foam which has a very long life. The cushioning will last for atleast 3 years even if one uses these on daily basis.

What is special about leather?

These are premium leathers which gives it extra life and makes it skin friendly. The nubuck leather has a velvety texture to it and is almost wrinkle resistance.

What is special about the sole?

The Sole is made of high quality PU which is one of the lightest material for soles. This has extra grip in outdoor conditions as well.

Any wearing tip?

These have been designed to be worn without socks ; the lining of this sandal absorbs sweat almost instantly.

What to do if itsandals are tight?

In case the length of the sandal is right while the sandal fits rather tightly then wear it with thick socks for a few days and it will ease out. You can use two socks and use a hair blower to expand the sandal upper further or just wear them for a week or so and it will take the shape of your feet.

You can customize TZARO shoes to make it even more comfortable

Please share details for us to get in touch

We will call you and understand your requirements and guide you on next steps.


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