TZARO Genuine Leather Brown Sandal - Transformer, DMRONBRW24

brown leather sandal

TZARO Genuine Leather Brown Sandal - Transformer, DMRONBRW24


We had an interesting problem which we led to this creation. People said ''no one makes men's driving sandals". In hot and humid places - sandals w... Read more

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We had an interesting problem which we led to this creation. People said ''no one makes men's driving sandals". In hot and humid places - sandals work better than shoes but you can't drive in them. We call it Transformer, it's extremely light weight because of PU sole. Made with genuine leather upper which has been lined with sweat friendly genuine leather lining. It comes with molded PU cushioning which has been further reinforced with layer of latex.
The upper has been stitched to the sole following the classical stitch down construction technique which gives it long life. The slits on the sides allow for greater air circulation keeping your feet cool. These can be paired with Chinos, Denims, Shorts and you can wear these sometimes to office as well. This is so comfortable that you will not at times even feel that you are wearing it in your feet cushioned with long life latex sheets. The straps/thongs have been handcrafted with 100% cotton webbing which is sturdy as well as Skin friendly. We have used multicolor webbing in this to make it more delightful. The handmade sole is combination of high density EVA midsole with a tough Tunit outsole. This gives it a super long life.
On the downside, we could make it lighter but there is a tough trade-off between making it lighter versus making it last longer. But for those who prefer extra air around their feet - this is a perfect choice. And the way these have been made, you can wear this daily without worrying about its wear and tear. It's built to last!

3 Months warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty covers stitch & sole strength. The warranty does not cover wear and tear of leather or sole due to rough usage.

Shoes Type

Men's Leather Sandal


Genuine Leather


Standard Fit

Construction Technique


Shoe Color


Sole Color




Sandal Upper

Genuine Leather

Footbed Leather

Drum dyed, Genuine Leather

Sole Material



Genuine Leather


PU, Latex & EVA

What is stitch down construction technique?

The shoe upper flares out; which is stitched into the sole (a process called channeling). This makes the shoe last very long. Besides this is done to PU sole which is light weight and flexible. It's a classical shoe making technique but its very time-consuming process.

What's the padding?

These have been padded with a two layers of Latex and layer of PU which has a very long life. The cushioning will last for atleast 3 years even if one uses these on daily basis.

What is special about leather?

These are premium leathers which gives it extra life and makes it skin friendly. The oil pull up leather has extra resistance to water and also has a distinct way in how it ages as you use this shoe. The oil-pull up leather is what we see in lot of Wild-Wild West kind of movies.

What's special about the sole?

The Sole is made of high quality PU which is one of the lightest material for soles. This has extra grip in outdoor conditions as well.

Any wearing tip?

These have been designed to be worn without socks - the lining of this shoe absorbs sweat almost instantly.

What to do if it's tight?

In case the length of the shoe is right while the shoe fits rather tightly then wear it with thick socks for a few days and it will ease out. You can use two socks and use a hair blower to expand the shoe upper further.

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