TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQZPMADWL057

Turquoise Green Best Pure Leather Wallet for Men Online

TZARO Genuine Leather Wallet: IQZPMADWL057


Beautiful twin color genuine leather wallet with 3 months warranty against manufacturing defects

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Beautiful twin color genuine leather wallet with 3 months warranty against manufacturing defects

3 months warranty against manufacturing defects covering stitch strength. Damages due to rough handling are not covered under warranty. The products will be serviced or replaced under the warranty terms. The servicing will be done at the central service center.



Color Combination

Twin Color

Outer Color


Inner Color

Turquoise Green



Number of Credit Card Slots


Slip Pocket


Wallet Weight

40 Gms


Stunning Turquoise

There are lot of small things in a wallet which make it extra-ordinary.

The wallets are used on a daily basis which means that they open and get folded multiple times, every day. Depending on what all you decide to keep in the wallet – it can lose its shape very quickly. Though wear & tear and its ability to retain shape depends on how the wallet is made. The interlining materials which is specialized fabric which is hidden inside the wallet helps the wallet in retaining its shape when it’s folded. The evenness of stitch density and uniformity in leather thickness ensures that the pressure is distributed evenly. Edge folding and creasing ensures that the edges last lot longer. The quality of edge colors, fabrics and pressure buttons [used in coin pockets] are things that ensure that the wallet is the best in class or not.

But more than anything quality of leather is a big variable. Leather for wallets needs to be as close to natural as possible and needs to be drum dyed which primarily means that the leather has been colored right to the inside. This TZARO wallet is made from a handpicked leather which is soft and closer to its natural version. It will not crack over time and will age gracefully. And it will last over years and years!

Designed to delight you well over the years, this is made with handpicked pure leather and layered with amazing craftsmanship!

Backed with Tough Interlining Layer

This wallet is backed with tough interlining materials which gives the wallet; extra life. These interlining materials is a layer behind the leather which ensures that the leather doesn’t get de-shaped post getting stretched and thus it extends the life of the wallet. The interlining used in this wallet is one of the highest quality.

Mechanized Stitching:

The wallet has been stitched with state of the art mechanized process which means that the stitch density (per inch) is consistent even at the corners and the length of stitches is absolutely same all across. This both adds to its life as well as the class of this wallet. You can notice that the stitches would be consistent even on the corners.

Edge Folded and Heat-Sealed:

Each edge of pockets or the compartment separator is folded and creased. This adds lot of life to the wallet. A lot simpler and cheaper way of making wallets is when horizontal slits are cut in the leather panel to create slots for credit cards leaving the edges raw and exposed. This weakens the wallet.

Outer Material

Genuine Leather

Inner Material

Genuine Leather

Leather Type




What kind of Leather has been used for this wallet

The wallet has been made of genuine drum dyed leather.

What is drum dyed leather?

The tanning can be done via spraying color on the leather where the color is only on the top of leather surface or by dipping the leather in color solutions (in drums) where the color seeps into the leather and adds to color fastness.

Is Faux Leather also leather?

No Faux leather is basically plastic while genuine leather is genuine leather made from animal hides.

Does genuine leather have a greater life than Faux Leather?

Yes genuine leather has upto 50 times longer life than Faux-leather. Infact low quality Faux-leather can start to crumble in 3-6 months even when its not being used.

What determines the life of a wallet?

Life of a wallet depends on the way it is made and the way it is used. Each TZARO wallet has been made with premium genuine handpicked drum dyed leather, each wallet has strong interlining material to add to its strength. We use a computerized high density stitching techn10IQue which ensures adequate stitch strength and also distributes the pressure evenly. Usually a TZARO wallet can last upto 3 years depending on how it is being used.

You can customize TZARO shoes to make it even more comfortable

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We offer free Monogram personalization

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