TZARO Stainless Steel Multifunction Watch: KAZA, ZMARMV3BLK

Black Chain Multi Function Wrist Watch for Men Online

TZARO Stainless Steel Multifunction Watch: KAZA, ZMARMV3BLK


KAZA comes with a general dose of stainless steel. The solid chain, along with the crown and the case-back is all-steel which gives it a great life... Read more

KAZA comes with a general dose of stainless steel. The solid chain, along with the crown and the case-back is all-steel which gives it a great life. The black-ion plating is a lot thicker which gives the black finish a better life. The multifunction watch is powered with VX3J movement along with Sony batteries. The watch is designed to delight you over the years. Though the black surface needs extra care against scratches as it becomes a lot more visible on a black base. The watch is both formal in its design and will compliment you well even with informal attire.

1 Year warranty on watch plating with 2 year warranty on movement. The warranty covers manurfacturing defects only and doesn't cover damages due to rough usage which can lead to scratches and brekage of glass or chain. In case of any defects the watch will be serviced at the central service center.

Watch Type


Dial Color


Chain Color


Water Resistance

30 Meters


Multifunction 3JM

Case Material



Ring Set Case

Case Back

304 Stainless Steel


Toughened Mineral Glass


Stainless Steel

Watch Chain

304 Grade Stainless Steel



Applied Figures

Machine Cut Hand Finished

Dial Specific

2 Plate Dial


Stainless Steel


Sony HG Industrial




Ion Plating

Water Resistance

30 Meters

What is a Multifunction Watch

A multifunction watch has three sub-dials; one sub-dial displays time in 24-hour format, while the other two display day and date.

How to adjust day and date in the single crown?

The crown works in 3 positions the leftmost position is where the watch functions normally, the center position can be used to adjust the day date while the pulled-out extreme right position can be used to adjust the time. The 24-hour time format dial is synchronized with time in the watch and doesn't need separate adjustments.

What is Ion Plating?

Ion plating is a vacuum plating technique where metal is transferred on the surface, it's at least 50 times stronger than wet plating (where the metal is transferred via ionized liquid). In other words, the Ion plated surface has stronger resistance to water, sweat.

Stainless Steel Crowns

This results in a lot longer life of crowns to both wear and tear corrosion.

Stainless Steel case Back

This is needed to provide extra resistance to sweat which is acidic and hence highly corrosive.

What's the usual battery life?

Usually, a battery will last for over 12 to 18 months.

What's the movement life?

The VX3J movement used in this case has a life of 15-20 years, over this time period the watch will display time with very high accuracy.

What's special about chain?

The Chain is made of 304 stainless steel, which is a very high grade of steel. This basically means that the chain has a very long life.

What's the water resistance?

The water resistance comes from the crown which needs to have a washer and needs to perfectly fit in, the glass needs to be strong enough to handle the pressure and needs to be backed by a washer, and the case back needs to be airtight. Every TZARO watch is 30 meters waterproof and has been tested in pressure chambers for being waterproof.

What is a ring set case?

Ring set case has a ring that has been attached to the case, this allows differential plating to the case (where we can plate the case in one color and ring in some other color).

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