TZARO Textured Dial Multifunction Watch - Anchor Steel, ZMTDS3JGRY

TZARO Textured Dial Multifunction Watch - Anchor Steel, ZMTDS3JGRY


The Anchor is inspired by stamping textures mastered by Swiss brands. The intric... Read more

The Anchor is inspired by stamping textures mastered by Swiss brands. The intricate texture has been complemented with broad Steel Colored hand finished applied figures. We have taken a minimalist approach to branding and only used the mnemonic logo. The elegant rose gold plating has been combined with blue dial to give a stunning look. The strap has been hand-crafted out of genuine leather for both upper part as well as inside part. This multifunction is powered by Japanese VX3J movement and a long life Sony battery. The watch case has been ion plated with 0.3 microns of plating. It's also backed with stainless steel case back giving it extra resistance to sweat and making it water proof upto 3 ATM pressure. This is Beauty as well as Beast!

1 Year warranty on watch plating with 2 year warranty on movement. The warranty covers manufacturing defects only and doesn't cover damages due to rough usage which can lead to scratches and breakage of glass or chain. In case of any defects the watch will be serviced at the central service center.

Watch Type


Dial Color


Strap Color


Water Resistance

30 Meters


Multifunction 9NGL

What Translates into a Great Watch?

Watch making is all about quality of components, craftsmanship and pure excellence of processes. In watch industry things can go wrong by microns [there is no millimeter in watch industry]. A dust particle can create chaos inside a watch which otherwise might be a perfect piece. A good watch would mean – high quality ion plating, a well finished watch case made of stainless steel or cold brass, high quality watch movement, stainless steel back & crowns, either stainless steel chain or genuine leather strap. This needs to be complemented with a high-quality dial which is the most visible part of the watch. A great design combines colors of the case, dial and strap elegantly. Details on the dial face remain the core of the design. Making a great watch is different level of competency. Some of the iconic brands have the rare competency of being able to make a watch movement as well as design and produce each component on their own. These watches typically start at 5000 dollars apiece and their value increases as the watch gets older!

Straight Lines with Play of Curves with Loads of Steel

This watch has an interesting shape – vertically – the watch has clean cuts while the top and bottom of the watch case has curves. This interesting shaped case has been paired with textured gray multifunction dial. The multifunction sub-dials have grooving along with texture which has been done with a state of art technique. The watch is powered with a VX series movement. And it comes with a solid stainless-steel chain. This watch will delight you over years and years

High Performance Multifunction Watch with Interesting Shape and Loads of Steel

Powered with Japanese Multifunction Movement

Powered with VX series of multifunction movement, this watch is designed to delight. The multifunction watch movement can be described as an evolved day date movement. The three sub dials detail - time in 24-hour format, while the date and day are displayed in the other two sub-dials. The 24-hour display is in sync with the watch time while the other 2 dials can be changed. The crown position works in 3 positions where the center position can be used to alter day & date. The position of these three sub-dials changes as per the movement. This Japanese movement will deliver immaculate performance well over decades.

30 Meters Water Resistance Make

This watch has 30-meter water resistance make which means that even if this watch gets exposed to water occasionally – it will still be working fine. But it doesn’t mean that this watch can be taken for a shallow diving. The water resistance primarily comes from precision of the manufacturing process. Water can enter from the glass – back-cover or the crown. All these 3 points need to be absolutely accurate in dimensions and needs to have sealing mechanism in place to counter water-pressure. This watch has been tested under 3 Atmospheric Pressure for its resistance against water. The watch has gone through rigorous rounds of checks before being shipped.

Comes with 304 Grade Stainless Steel Chain

The watch uses stainless steel chain along with stainless steel back-cover. Human sweat is somewhat acidic in nature which means that it’s corrosive. Stainless steel is needed from both perspectives (1) how long will it last (2) and how safe it is against skin touch. This watch uses 304 grade stainless steel which is one of the highest quality of steel. The components have been polished to deliver the flawless performance.

Case Material


Case Back

304 Grade Stainless Steel


Toughened Mineral Glass


Stainless Steel

Watch Strap Upper

304 Grade Stainless Steel



Applied Figures

Machine Cut Hand Finished


Stainless Steel


Sony HG Industrial




Ion Plating

Water Resistance

30 Meters

What is a Multifunction Watch

A multifunction watch has three sub dials; one sub dial displays time in 24-hour format, while the other two display day and date.

How to adjust day and date in single crown?

The crown works in 3 positions – the left most position is where the watch functions normally, the center position can be used to adjust day date while the pulled out extreme right position can be used to adjust time. The 24 hour time format dial is synchronized with time in the watch and doesn’t need separate adjustment.

What is Ion Plating?

Ion plating is a vacuum plating technique where metal is transferred on the surface, its atleast 50 times stronger than wet plating (where the metal is transferred via ionized liquid). In other words Ion plated surface has stronger resistance to water, sweat.

Stainless Steel Crowns

This results in lot longer life of crowns to both wear and tear corrosion.

Stainless Steel case Back

This is needed to provide extra resistance to sweat which is acidic and hence highly corrosive.

What's the usual battery life?

Usually a battery will last for over 12 to 18 months.

What's the movement life?

The VX9N movement used in this case has a life of 15-20 years, over this time period the watch will display time with very high accuracy.

What’s special about the watch chain?

The watch strap has been made from 304 grade steel. It's built for last. It's strong as well as extra resistance to sweat or any kind of moisture. What's the water resistance?

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