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Beige Tan Color Leather Casual Belt for Men Online
IQPRSFBLT005 TZARO Canvas Genuine Leather Belt


Black & Orange Canvas Genuine Leather Belt for Men Online
IQPRSFBLT003 TZARO Canvas Genuine Leather Belt

`649 `999 (35% Off)

TZARO Canvas Leather Belt - IQFBLTR0344
IQFBLTR0344 TZARO Canvas Leather Belt


Brown Leather Casual Belt for Men Online
IQPRSFBLT012 TZARO Canvas Genuine Leather Belt


Beige - Tan Canvas Leather Belt for Men Online
IQPRSFBLT008 TZARO Canvas Genuine Leather Belt


Mehndi Green Colored Genuine Leather Formal Belt Online
IQZPRLTHBLT046 TZARO Mehndi Green Colored Genuine Leather Belt


Black & Blue Leather Belt for Men  Online
IQPRSFBLT017 TZARO Nylon Genuine Leather Belt

`649 `999 (35% Off)

TZARO Reversible Genuine Leather Belt - IQZPRLTHBL27RV
IQZPRLTHBL27RV TZARO Reversible Genuine Leather Belt


Beige Light Tan Canvas Genuine Leather Belt Online
IQPRSFBLT009 TZARO Canvas Genuine Leather Belt


TZARO Classic Dark Tan Genuine Leather Belt  - IQZPRLTHBL32
IQZPRLTHBL32 TZARO Classic Dark Tan Genuine Leather Belt


Brown Beige Canvas Leather Belt for Men Online
IQPRSFBLT002 TZARO Canvas Genuine Leather Belt


Black Grey Color Men's Leather Belt Online
IQPRSFBLT034 TZARO Canvas Genuine Leather Belt


Pure Leather White Sneakers

for those who love the classic white touch



Design to Deliver Amazing comfort even in war zones



Design to stand test of time


What Goes in Making an Amazing Belt?

Belt is a very functional accessory, since men have belts in single digit numbers [for most men], it is imperative to have good belts.

So, what makes a Belt amazing?
Three things are important in belts (1) the quality of leather and the way leather-layers have been combined (2) the buckle which is what people notice before anything else (3) edge & belt finish quality – how leather edges have been finished

Thicker leathers are needed for belts; two leathers are combined by either pasting or stitching them together or a single layer of thick leather works well. Since leathers go through pressure around the buckle area – the leathers closer to natural state are better than the rest. Leather of-course has lot more life than PU or faux-leather options. A good leather belt can last for 3 to 5 years even if used daily.

In order to attain the desired thickness, multiple layers are pasted. The quality of pasting becomes very important, as the risk of edges opening is high. Usually leather is grinded with some kind of sandpaper and even layer of adhesive is applied on them to paste them together. In casual belts stitching on the edges does add life to the belts but this also needs consistent stitch per inch for better life as well as finish.

In last 10 years lot of patterned special finish leathers are used in formal belts. These distinct patterns are done on top of leather via sophisticated techniques. These patterns are usually more visible in some of the premium brands. This texture play is now so evolved that Brands like Vidal Bosch have patents over some of these patterns.

This is the most visible part of a belt; a smooth finish somewhat scratch resistant buckle is what makes a belt stand out especially for formal belts. Casual belt buckles can be in even rough finish and often distinct shapes elevate the belt to a whole new level. A super smooth finish formal belt buckle needs a very high-quality finish which means production processes which are usually expensive which is why one rarely find a good quality buckle in cheaper belts.

Edge Finish:
A casual belt can have a raw edge but formal belts definitely need to have smooth edges. This is somewhat complicated process – the edges are rubbed; cleaned and then multiple coats of colors are used to give it a smooth edge finish in certain colors. This craftsmanship is clearly visible in the belts and differentiates an average belt with somewhat evolved ones. Even in casual belts – the edges need to be smooth, which needs rubbing and clear cuts.

About TZARO Belts:
There are two kinds of TZARO Casual belts. The canvas webbing ones and casual genuine leather belts.

Canvas webbing belts are made with 100% cotton webbing and these are paired with genuine leather along with corrosion free buckles at the end. Both these elements along with heavy duty stitching gives it long life. There are multiple colors to choose from which makes it ideal for pairing it with denim, chinos and shorts.

Casual genuine leather belts are usually made of thick genuine leathers and they are hand-padded, the edge smoothening is done with machines. These are belts, which will last over the years and will complement your denims & chinos really well.

All the formal belts have a great quality buckle which have been paired with premium leathers. Milano & Pewter are reversible belts which gives makes these ideal for your wardrobe as you can pair them with lot of shoes. These two belts also have dome shape on the top which speaks about the craftsmanship. Swoosh & Trigo are formal belts made with premium leathers, both these belts have flawless edge, which complements the high-quality buckle well.

All these belts have been designed to last well over the years. You will have a great time with these!


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