TZARO Genuine Leather Tan Sneaker - Seoul, BON1412TAND

TZARO Genuine Leather Tan Sneaker - Seoul, BON1412TAND


We call these SLIM-Fit shoes. If you notice usually the soles go straight from heel to toe while in this series there is a gentle curve in arch are... Read more

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We call these SLIM-Fit shoes. If you notice usually the soles go straight from heel to toe while in this series there is a gentle curve in arch area, the sole contours around this area further accentuates the optical illusion of it slimming around the arch area. Seoul as we call it, comes in a good popular shade of TAN. The shoe has minimalist design language which makes it amazing even for serious meetings or casual evening dinner. The perforations on the sides give it a distinct classy touch without complicated layers of design. Made of Genuine leather uppers and lined with drum dyed genuine leathers. These will keep your feet cool even when you use them for longer hours at a stretch. These shoes have amazing ventilation built into the shoe which makes these exceptionally comfortable. We have used tough TPR sole which makes it ideal for hot as well as cool temperature zones and gives you enough grip across all surfaces. The foot-bed comprises of a layer of LATEX, EVA stitched with Genuine leather to ensure suitable cushion for your feet. Pair it with denims, slim fit trousers, well almost anything and everything. Go ahead do what interests you most, we have your feet well covered!

3 Months warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty covers stitch & sole strength. The warranty does not cover wear and tear of leather or sole due to rough usage.

Shoes Type

Leather Casual Shoes


Genuine Leather


Genuine Leather


Standard Fit

Construction Technique


Shoe Color


Sole Color




Shoe Upper

Genuine Leather

Upper Leather

Printed Dried Milled, Genuine Leather

Shoe Lining

Genuine Leather

Shoe Lining Leather

Naked Drum Dyed Genuine Leather

Sole Material



Genuine Leather


Latex EVA

What is TPR material?

Thermoplastic Rubber is a special grade material which has qualities of both rubber (in terms of abrasion & flexibility) and long life of Special Grade Plastic like PU or EVA. Soles made of this material have a longer life in both cold & hot climates. PU for example lot harder in colder zones while Rubber is heavier. TPR is lighter than rubber and has stable performance across all temperature zones.

What’s the difference between Faux Leather Shoes and Genuine Leather Shoes?

Faux Leather shoes do not breathe and feet will become hot from inside. Well-made genuine leather shoes (with genuine leather lining) will keep your feet cool even after 10 hours of usage in 40 degree Celsius zones. Genuine leather has 50 times longer life than Faux Leather Shoes.

These shoes look somewhat slimmer than usual shoes, is the fitting different for these? No the fit on the inside is same as any standard shoes.

Can these be worn without socks? These shoes are lined with sweat friendly genuine leather from the inside so yes you can wear them without socks – though from fashion perspective it’s not necessary.

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