TZARO Black Leather Driving Shoes - STN2334BLKND

TZARO Black Leather Driving Shoes - STN2334BLKND

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Super comfortable Genuine leather driving shoes made with True-Moccasin Con... Read more

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Super comfortable Genuine leather driving shoes made with True-Moccasin Construction technique.

These shoes have rubber soles which delivers strong grip even on smoothest of surface. These are perfect for driving cars but will work well on any flat surface. These awesome shoes are leather lined from inside with a special leather which absorbs sweat very efficiently, keeping your feet cool. You can comfortably wear them without socks. Infact they are designed to be used without socks. It complements denims and chinos very well.

Advantage of True-Moccasin Construction technique

This technique creates a leather shell – the upper is also below your feet. This means that the shoe upper can expand and contract with every step you take in these. This technique consumes lot more leather and hence is rarely used but has advantage of delivering a great fit – where the shoe fits like socks but is still perfect

Specifics about the leather of the shoe

This shoe has been done in NDM upper which is very natural leather – it can be polished and even gentle wipe with wet cloth will do. The inside is a Naked family of leather which means that there is nothing on top of this leather – no color, no pigment – it is the most natural version of leather. It will absorb sweat very fast and keep your feet sweat-free and cooler. Though it will also absorb all the colors of feet and of dust and will tend to get dirty.

What kind of Cushioning does this shoe have?

The shoe has layers of cushioning – which has been stitched to the leather. The cushiony effect will function efficiently till the shoe survives. In case the shoe is slightly loose then you can add extra layer of cushions – towards the heel portion which will alter the fit by half a size.

Why is it called a driving shoe?

The idea is twofold – the sole curves backwards to help you with angular driving position. Secondly for driving long distances – one needs a light shoe which can be used without socks. This shoe arrived back in 1963 and since then have been very popular.

3 Months warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty covers stitch sole strength. The warranty does not cover wear and tear of leather or sole due to rough usage.

Shoes Type

Driving Shoes


Genuine Leather


Genuine Leather


Snug Fit

Construction Technique

True Moccassin

Shoe Color


Lining Color


Sole Color



Driving Shoes

Driving Shoes are designed especially for extra comfort needed for driving cars. These are thin-sole light-weight shoes which are designed to be used without socks.

History of Driving Shoes:

In 1963 an Italian company [which still exists] patented an innovative flexible lightweight shoe which was designed for driving; back then it was a rich man's product. These shoes have a characteristic thinner flexible outsole which curves backwards allowing for angular position needed while using brakes & clutch. Premium leather lining provides additional comfort which also gives it an ability to be used without socks.

These have been extremely popular since then and have evolved into many of its variants.

Why it is called Driving Shoes?

Driving shoe is a category of shoe where the sole curves backwards to facilitate the shoe position in same angular position as needed to change the gears or press the brakes.

True Moccasin Construction

The leather wraps like an envelope below the feet; this construction technique gives the shoes an amazing ability to expand and contract with every step you take in these which adds to its comfort. This technique is somewhat rarely used as it consumes more leather than usual cemented construction. It’s an amazing experience to use shoes made with MOCTOE technique.

Keeps your feet cooler

The shoe comes with powerful ventilation – the specialized inside leather absorbs the sweat very quickly and brings it to the surface from where it dries up, keeping your feet cool and sweat free. You can comfortably use it without socks. Your feet will remain stink free.

Cushioned Feet

The shoe comes with powerful cushioning designed to reduce stress on your ankle and knees. The cushion is tapered to add to its ability to redistribute the pressure.

Shoe Upper

Genuine Leather

Upper Leather

Printed Dried Milled Genuine Leather

Shoe Lining

Genuine Leather

Shoe Lining Leather

Naked Drum Dyed Genuine Leather

Sole Material



Genuine Leather


Latex EVA

What is driving shoe?

Driving Shoes became very popular in 70’s. It all started in Italy when a company came with a very light weight shoe which had sole going backward (at the end). There were two distinct features of this shoe (a) It was very light weight (a lot of people did not want to wear heavy shoes in long drives) (b) the ends of the sole allowed the angular position of the feet which is how it is while using gears brakes.

What is special about lining?

These shoes have been lined with naked leather. This family has very superior ability to absorb the sweat which travels to the upper surface of the shoe and dries up keeping your feet cool from inside.

What is true-moccasin construction technique?

True Moccasin construction refers to a technique where the leather swings like an envelope all around the feet. Driving shoes have a snug fit or they fit like socks which means that the leather needs to expand when you walk (the muscles expand when the pressure is on the big toe area). Only true moccasin construction allows for this expansion. This technique consumes 40% more leather but the comfort is unmatchable.

Fashion Tip

Wear these shoes without socks and if you have to wear them with socks then use half socks which are not visible from outside.

What's the difference between Faux Leather Shoes and Genuine Leather Shoes?

Faux Leather shoes do not breathe and feet will become hot from inside. Well-made genuine leather shoes (with genuine leather lining) will keep your feet cool even after 10 hours of usage in 40 degree Celsius zones. Genuine leather has 50 times longer life than Faux Leather Shoes.

You can customize TZARO shoes to make it even more comfortable

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