TZARO Watch & Wallet Gift Pack – BlueStar, TZ2371IQ12GF

TZARO Watch & Wallet Gift Pack – BlueStar, TZ2371IQ12GF


This gift pack has a watch which has unique crystal cuts on its rim and a wallet which was introduced in 2012 and has been one of the most popular TZA... Read more

This gift pack has a watch which has unique crystal cuts on its rim and a wallet which was introduced in 2012 and has been one of the most popular TZARO wallets over the years. The watch uses a ring set case which in simpler words means that watch case has been paired with a metallic ring – which in this case adds a distinct design element – cuts inspired from the way crystal is cut. This adds an interesting young design touch to this watch which otherwise looks like a simple 3-hand watch. The watch is intensive in its make – its powered with Miyota 2035 movement which will deliver flawless performance over 15-20-year period. The stainless steel back along with crown and a toughened glass also add to its build quality. The watch strap is made of leather across all three layers [including interlining], this watch will perform elegantly over the years. The wallet is one of the first few wallets introduced in India where we added strong colors to the wallet. The accepted colors in wallets back then was Tan, Brown and Black. This wallet started the color wave in India. Over- the years more than 20,000 units of this wallet has been sold. The wallet is backed with tough interlining materials which along with mechanized stitching delivers a great build quality. Each of the edges has been heat sealed, every stitch is of the same length. The leathers are of the same thickness. All of this means that this wallet can handle pressure and usage very efficiently. Usually it lasts for 5 years of intensive daily usage.

The watch is warranted for 1 year on plating and 2 years on movement. The warranty doesn’t cover usage related wear and tear. The wallet is warranted for a year which covers build quality, stitching strength and doesn’t cover stains or usage related wear & tear.

Watch Type

3 Hand Quartz Watch

Dial Color


Strap Color


Water Resistance

30 Meters

Case Material


Wallet Material

Genuine Leather

Case Back

304 Stainless Steel


Toughened Mineral Glass


Stainless Steel

Watch Strap Upper

Genuine Leather

Watch Strap Lower

Genuine Leather



Applied Figures

Machine Cut Hand Finished

Dial Specific

2 Plate Dial


Sony HG Industrial


Miyota 2035


Ion Plating

Water Resistance

30 Meters

What is Ion Plating?

Ion plating is a vacuum plating technique where metal is transferred on the surface, its atleast 50 times stronger than wet plating (where the metal is transferred via ionized liquid). In other words Ion plated surface has stronger resistance to water, sweat.

Stainless Steel Crowns.

This results in lot longer life of crowns to both wear and tear corrosion.

Stainless Steel case Back.

This is needed to provide extra resistance to sweat which is acidic and hence highly corrosive.

What's the usual battery life?

Usually a battery will last for over 12 to 18 months.

What's the movement life?

The Miyota 2035 movement used in this case has a life of 15-20 years, over this time period the watch will display time with very high accuracy.

What's special about the watch strap?

The watch strap is made of genuine leather both on top and bottom. The leather on bottom has special treatment which results in extra resistance to water sweat. Usually the watch straps are PU on top while genuine leather is only used in the bottom. Each TZARO watch comes with all Genuine Leather strap which has a long life.

What's the water resistance?

The water resistance comes from crown which needs to have a washer and needs to perfectly fit in, the glass needs to be strong enough to handle the pressure and needs to be backed by a washer, and the case back needs to be air tight. Every TZARO watch is 30 meters water proof and has been tested in pressure chambers for being water proof.

What is a ring set case?

Ring set case has a ring which has been attached to the case, this allows differential plating to the case (where we can plate case in one color and ring in some other color).

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